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Welcome to Darius Music's homepage!

Our store and workshop is located at Budapest City Centre close to the National Opera and the Music Academy.




Darius Music's homepage has been renewed for the store's 25th anniversary!
The store welcomes our dear customers in Budapest's musical centre at Paulay Ede Street 58.

Founder and owner: Délczeg Zoltán 

We are constantly buying older instruments, and we are pleased to meet  our customers and all of those who want to sell their instruments. 

Our Auctions will start again in 2014!

More information at the Auction menu.

Our customers with the highest demands can find valuable instruments and bows in mint condition - with expertising about originality at the Fine Musical Instruments menu

All of our instruments are in playable and well adjusted conditions and they can be tried out in the store.



Unique Fine Musical Instruments

Rare instrument from the 17th till the 20th century, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, German violins, violas, cellos, double basses.

For artists, students and amateurs

Find and choose the most suitable instruments and bows for Your demands


Buying/selling, valuation - professional opinion - consulting, repairing - restauration 



Bowed string instruments and accessories available!
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More than 10000 products with superb quality pictures and detailed descriptions
helps our customers!




You can reach some very valuable and special instruments at this moment via our shop

A. Stradivari violin, 1711, Cremona

J.B.Guadagnini violin, 1758, Milan

A.R. Gagliano violin, 1800, Napoli

V. Postiglione violin, 1886, Napoli

H. Fagnola cello, Torino

C.A Testore violin, 17.. Milano




We can give you further informations personally about these special instruments' offers. Ask here about trying out and prices.



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